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HARPG-MiddleEarth is a :iconhorseart-rpg:-Group to collect all the Lord of the Rings- Horses or based-off breeds found in your stables.

*Hobbit Ponies
*Dark Steeds of Mordor
*Steed of the Dead
Founded 2 Years ago
Jun 12, 2012


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53 Members
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:new: I'm really sorry for the delay, I will upload a new stage of our journey asap!:new:

HARPG-MiddleEarth invites everybody to a new event!
We found a way to get to middle earth, not just to get their horses imported from there, but we also managed to get there to host an endurance event! And since The Hobbit is running in theatres now, we want to travel to see the Erebor.

The Trail:
map of middle earth:…

We don't expect the first and second part of the trail to be very dangerous, we stay on the road and we'll have some guards that ride with us the whole way from beginning to the end.
All participants will start at Bree, most likely in the Prancing Pony. We will form a main group, but everyone can ride as they wish as long as they arrive at our goal in Esgaroth (if someone gets lost, we'll have ways to find them again). The main group however follows the East-West-Road to Rivendell, where the first part of the way for the main group ends. We'll get some rest for our horses and, if it is wished, riders can bring two horses to the trail and exchange them there.
From Rivendell we continue our journey over the High Pass. On this part of our way we will be accompanied by some dwarfs. Though they travel with us, they most likely have their own business. When we get the High Pass behind us, we will ride along the Old Forest Road through the Mirkwoods, where elves make sure we won't get lost and stay on the road. Most of them will stay hidden for our eyes, but some of them will join and ride along with us untill we reach the Celduin river. We ride with the river in the shadow of the Lonely Mountain to reach our final goal, the lake-town Esgaroth.

Middle Earth Trail - Easy Beginning by Okami-Haru

This trail is open to all breeds! Ponies, horses, drafts, fantasy breeds (powers are allowed to defend yourself, but not to win!) are all accepted to join.
We hope for a safe and quick travel, however participants will be away for a quite a time, months at least, so you and your horse should be able to travel long ways without problems. Also the first part is quite simple, we mainly are on roads, so your horse don't need to be a good climber there, but later on the second part we will climb over the High Pass and ride through Mirkwood, there it will be an advantage if your horse is used to harh environment. There will be some smaller events within the trail, but no one is forced to enter, it's all optional!
Our guards are also good hunters and will provide us with food, after Rivendell we even might get into the taste of Lembas.

General Rules in short
Your rider can bring two or just one horse with them.
All breeds allowed
You can enter as many riders and horses as you want
All horses (and riders) should be able to travel long in an harsh environment
Mearas are perfect for this trail, they don't need training or an event
Your horse should at least have some experience in form of endurance training or an event (any event)
Riders must be 18 years or older, horses above 5 years
Keep in mind, it will get cold, at least on the High Pass (there is much snow ;) ), so have many clothes with and on you
We'll be riding with at least on carriage full with supplies (tents etc.), depending on how many we will become there might be more.

If you have any questions, please ask them here:
May I Have Your Attention Please? by Okami-Haru

Since I was asked this about 3 times, companions like dogs are allowed, you can even bring a donkey or any other pack animal to carry your bags for the trail so your horse doesn't have to, BUT they have to be drawn in at least half the pictures you plan to draw! All animals are allowed as companions, but better ask before you draw it, there might be exceptions.

Clothes should fit the weather (we start end of january, so it's most likely still cold there), it's not mandatory, but prefered if the clothes also fit to middle earth.

Like said, we don't expect to be chased, attacked or something, but we also can't be sure of this. weapons are ok to bring, those who want to travel alone should know how to hunt and survive in such a place and can prepare for that of course.

Minimum you should draw to enter is one picture with each horse, if you only come with one you only have to draw one, for two, there need to be two.
Everything else is optional, but gives you a better chance to win in the end, this event is ment to support RPs between stables as well as fun and story buildings etc.

If you don't have a horse to enter and don't want to lease one, you can also participate with another riding animal, as long as you can guarantee, that they are fit for such a long event and no harm for the other participants and their animals (for predatory mounts etc.).


Send a note to the group with these informations:

:bulletgreen: Rider's name:
:bulletgreen: Rider's age:
:bulletgreen: Stable:
:bulletgreen: Horse 1 (name, age,  ref + training):
:bulletgreen: Horse 2 (name, age,  ref + training):

Preregistration: CLOSED
Main Event: ends ~31. July
In-time events: no end to them as they are optional

donations very welcome!

1st place
Fullbody Picture of the team from Okami-Haru
1 free Mearas import
1 Corrupted Cedarwood Sylvarius from Meykka
1 Hobbitpony from DiePest-1912
1 Horus import from In-Times-Of-Change
breeding spot to DRC Fafnir 1391 by Faejala

2nd place
Headshot of the team from Okami-Haru
1 Regular Sylvarius from Meykka
1 Hobbitpony from DiePest-1912
1 Horus import from In-Times-Of-Change
breeding spot to DRC Aswan Al-Hylal by Faejala

3rd place
Sketch of the team from Okami-Haru
1 Regular Sylvarius from Meykka
1 Hobbitpony from DiePest-1912
1 Horus import from In-Times-Of-Change
#6 and/or starter import from Faejala

You want to join, but don't have a horse?
You can join with leased horses as well, they will ride for your stable.
We also have some Mearas prepared for the event, in case someone wants to lease one:
Mearas 008 by Okami-HaruMearas 007 by Okami-HaruMearas 015 by Okami-HaruMearas 017 by Okami-HaruMearas 019 by Okami-Haru
They don't need training, but you have to draw how you first meet the horse. Comment below if you're interested. If wished you can keep the horse you leased after the event.

It is also possible, for those who don't want to ride as participant, to ride as human-guard, mirkwood-elf or high-pass-dwarf, that accompany us on our trail. You can create them or use an allready existing OC for this event and join too!

:new: Please submit deviations that belogn to the event (entries, sheets to show clothes, RPs etc.) in this folder:

This is most likely an event for the fun of roleplaying, drawing and for members of the equine community that are fans of the hobbit/lord of the rings. You don't have to know everything from the lotr-universe ( I myself haven't ever read the lotr-books, I only watched the movies and read the hobbit, nothing more sadly xD ), so everyone can join.
We discover our own story, we don't replay lotr or the hobbit.
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